BSG 2021 Conference is going virtual!

The BSG board have decided that, even though there are still six months to go before the next annual conference, the 2021 BSG conference will be held virtually. The Covid 19 pandemic means that it is unlikely that a successful and safe face to face conference will be able to be held in February 2021 and it is certainly impossible for the organising committee to make plans for a physical conference amidst the on going uncertainty. 

We will circulate full details of the virtual programme soon but we plan to construct a shortened virtual format that includes a wide range of multi-disciplinary lectures, interactive sessions and research presentations (both as proffered papers and virtual posters) that will have appeal to UK sarcoma health care professionals. 

The BSG conference remains the principal forum for exchange of ideas and dissemination of sarcoma research within the UK sarcoma community and I very much hope that the 2021 conference will be as successful in those aims as previous conferences, albeit in a virtual format.

Kind regards, 

Andy Hayes 
BSG President

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