BSG 2016 Presentation Awards

Best Young Researcher 2016: George Watkinson

Two presentations:

Post-operative nomogram for retroperitoneal sarcoma is able to accurately predict three and five year survival of patients in the retrospective Northern RPS database

George Watkinson

Synergistic Activity with combination of MDM2-p53 inhibition and ionising radiation in retroperitoneal sarcoma cell lines

George Watkinson

Best Presentation 2016: Maria Smolle

Clinical, pathological and prognostic parameters of synovial sarcoma: A retrospective analysis of 341 patients

Maria Smolle

Best Older Investigator 2016: Rory Rickard

A study of wound complications following sarcoma resection

Rory Rickard on behalf of the WHiSPaR Study Group

Best Poster 2016: James Barry

How useful is tumour volume doubling time in determining follow up schedules after sarcoma?

Barry, J. Rankin, K. Gerrand, C.

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